A shadow demon who ruled the Seravash.


Shurensha is a shadow demon worshipped by the Seravash. Shurensha subverted the will of the lizardfolk tribe and bound them into service, gaining power from their sacrifices. Its influence spread west and south from Kal-ninka, reaching the barrier island of Kal-lotho and as far south as Kal-toka.

Shurensha, or a being like it, appears in various tales throughout history in both Kesh and nearby regions, always as a subversive force for chaos or evil.


You first learned Shurensha’s nature from the Atavash king17, Salmussata, after describing a shrine you saw in the village of Kal-toka16. Your first direct contact with the demon was on the island of Kal-lotho, when it attempted to control Targ’s consciousness21. You defeated Shurensha in the slums of Kal-ninka and banished the creature back to its shadowy home26. It bore the three-headed flail named Ooskut, the Three Fools, the fabled necklace Ulduzmek, the Stars of the Navigator and was cloaked in the Robe of the Usurper. Shurensha promised revenge in the final moments before it was sucked into a void.


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