Session 1

A violent storm destroys the Tak-toran bireme bound for Parn-tora, the crew drowned and you, its cargo, are reborn in the ruins of Kal-tora. The ruins sit atop a jungled island, abandoned by civilization twenty five years ago when a volcano in the center of the island, now called Dragonmaw, erupted. There is no sign of Raifa, a fellow Reborn also bound for Parn-tora despite her favored status with Tak-injau.

You explore the ruins of the compound surrounding the lifepool. A kobold that managed to escape the wrath of Raifa is captured and interrogated, revealing that other humans, Reborn and other beings live on the island: bronze-fleshed, fiery dwarves; kobolds; various tribes of lizardfolk; troglodytes.

Only spiders and rats are encountered during the search of the ruins. However, as you prepare to leave the compound, a human steps from his concealment in the jungle undergrowth.

Armored in leather and cloaked in green, the ranger Sim introduces himself and reveals the existence of a nearby settlement, A-ka. He seems wary, but assures you that his people have no hatred for the Reborn. After some discussion, he offers to lead you to his village provided you accept a blindfold.



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