Three Fools

Ooskut, the Three Fools is a three-headed heavy flail of exceptional craft long wielded by the shadow demon Shurensha. The legend of its making begins with the tale of a great kingdom whose seat of power was the fabled city of Kaehridan. Its priest-king saw vast resources and wealth pour into the city from every part of the world, but grew weary of court and longed for the glory of conquest.


The king’s advisors, three men and women of great wisdom, counseled him against raising an army. The king, wanting to appear just and similarly wise, publicly agreed. In secret, the priest-king bound a powerful demon to his service.

First the king sent the creature into the mountain kingdom east of Kaehridan, where the richest minerals and gems were pulled from the earth. He hoped the dwarves, notorious for greed and belligerence, would be easily provoked to war. If the dwarves invaded, the king’s advisors would surely approve of a retributive strike. After a week, the demon returned: the iron-hearted dwarves would not be swayed, they remained in their mountain homes.

Second the king sent the demon south to the fertile river delta, to convince the merchant princes that great wealth could be seized in Kaehridan. The priest-king hoped that the merchants would raise an army of mercenaries and send the force north up the river. After two weeks, the demon returned, again with bad news: the merchant princes’ coffers were full and none would risk war with so great a nation as Kaehridan.

Finally, the king sent the demon to the far north, to the wastes where the barbarian tribes dwell. Though there would be little gained but glory from rejoining barbarian aggression, the king lusted after a legacy of strength and power. A full month passed and the demon returned empty handed. The enraged king, thrice thwarted in his attempts to stir conflict, banished the demon back to hell.

That night, brooding on his throne and worrying a scepter in his hands, the king was visited by his three advisors. Each bore a magical chain that surprised the distracted king and, despite his power, quickly bound him in irons. Through loud protests and screams, the advisors drew daggers and repeatedly plunged them into their former ruler.

As life faded from the priest-king, a deep shadow swirled into existence before the three advisors. Each made wooden bows to their demonic master, then collapsed as the creature neatly removed their heads. The king uttered a sound of disbelief as his soul slipped into a waiting vessel prepared by the demon. The demon forged Ooskut, the Three Fools from the royal scepter, the binding chains, and the three advisors’ heads. The answer to the king’s final question is engraved along the flail’s haft in an ancient variation of the abyssal tongue: Beg for strife and it shall be delivered.

Power and Abilities

flail.pngOoskut, the Three Fools is a +3 heavy flail. Lawful or neutral characters that pick up the flail receive a negative level that cannot be restored while the flail is carried. The weapon drains and stores spell energy every time it strikes a creature with readied or available spells, transferring the energy from the victim to the weapon. Up to three levels of spell energy may be stored in the weapon at once, and it ceases to drain energy from struck creatures while full. As a standard action, the bearer may absorb or discharge any amount of the spell energy from the weapon. If the energy is absorbed into the wielder, it replenishes used spell energy or memorized spell levels equal to the levels of spell energy absorbed. If discharged, the flail produces an energy ray with a range of 60 feet that deals 1d10 cold damage per level of energy discharged on a successful ranged touch attack.


Ooskut, the Three Fools was left behind with Shurensha’s other belongings when you banished the demon from the Material Plane in the slums of Kal-ninka.26

Aura strong evocation and abjuration; CL 15th
Slot none; Price 41,400 gp; Weight 10 lbs.

Three Fools

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