Sasha's Gifts

After returning Sasha’s Marriage Knife she granted you a wish. You wished for weapons to aid your endeavors against the demon-controlled Seravash and the minions of Ikari.

Arabian_Dagger.png The first gift is a +1 dagger, bane of fire outsiders, similar in style and theme to Sasha’s Marriage Knife. The pommel is crest of a wave and the slightly-curved, single-edged blade is etched with a wave pattern.

hammer2.jpg537aa26c-4f94-48d1-bfc1-8c0eb0c32778Larger.jpg The second gift is a +1 warhammer, bane of evil outsiders. The hammer’s head is styled as a crashing wave and the shaft is a spiraled, with a large enough grip to be used with one or two hands.

Sasha warned that weapons formed in such a manner are impressionable and may take on additional traits informed by the wielder’s personality.

Sasha's Gifts

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