A Reborn’s life is a thread bound to the Spindle of Fates, it does not merely slip away at its end. With each death the Reborn is resurrected in the Pool of Life, sloughing off disease, starvation and injury. Whence came this power? Only Gods and Fates know.

When one of the Reborn dies, be it in battle or to poison or a virulent disease, they return to life, whole and in perfect health, at the nearest lifepool a few days later. The Reborn, or Cursed as they are called in Kesh, are largely slaves to the Injau; traded as chits in the political games of the daemon princes. Seekers are employed to identify the Reborn — those born freshly Cursed — and Keepers are employed to train them.

Tablets of Bethalam

A series of five tablets purportedly cut by the sage Bethalam. Three were found in the ruined temple of Bilik.

For each daemon an Eternal shall be born. Eternals will be known by the branch of the necromancer’s tree.

The daemons can not be felled by mortal weapons, but an Eternal-forged blade shall suffice. A return to imprisonment is safest.

Seek the Eternals, for we are shackled by Fates. Our voice is the Eternal voice. Our dream is the Eternal dream.


Reborn Eladris