Kal is a mountainous, jungled island in southern Kesh. The island’s tallest peak is an active volcano named Dragonmaw. The peak shed its former name, Dragonwing, on the day it violently erupted, blasting its peak and crowning city to bits. The skies darkened for weeks with the ash from the eruption, which rained down on nations hundreds of miles distant. Kal-injau and the majority of the island’s residents died.
A quarter century has passed since the eruption. Steamy jungle has claimed Kal-toraka and reptilian species once revered by Kal-injau now rule instead. Tribes of lizardfolk and leathery-winged pterodactyls have been sighted by sailors passing near the shore.

Kal-injau was one of the few daemon princes to use monstrous humanoids in the arena. Lizardfolk and kobolds often fought alongside the nation’s limited pool of Cursed representatives. Many believe it was Kal-injau’s disregard for the tradition of using Cursed-only gladiators that earned the ire of the gods or Fates and Kal’s destruction.


A-ka, Kodus

Other Locations

Waystone Market, Smugglers’ Temple, Kal-lotho

Known Ruins

Kal-ereska, Kal-yunka, Kal-ereska, Kal-toka, Kal-ninka, Kal-mata

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