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  • Kesh

    Pitiful is the plight of the [[Reborn]] in Kesh. The people of its uncounted isles consider the Reborn as Cursed and Unclean, souls that served as harbingers of the [[Injau | daemon princes]]. The mighty Injau enslave all but the most cunning Reborn and …

  • Kal

    _Kal_ is a mountainous, jungled island in southern [[Kesh | Kesh]]. The island's tallest peak is an active volcano named [[Dragonmaw]]. The peak shed its former name, Dragonwing, on the day it violently erupted, blasting its peak and crowning city to …

  • Gael-amad

    !(media-item-align-right)//db4sgowjqfwig.cloudfront.net/assets/288592/stormreach_city.jpg?1390769640(stormreach_city.jpg)!Gael-amad is the largest city on [[Gael]], second only to [[Parn-tora]] in southern [[Kesh]]. It is the most densely populated city …

  • Gael

    _Gael_ is a small but influential island in southern [[Kesh]], near the [[Dream Kingdoms]]. It has only two large settlements; Gael-tora, little more than a fortress with a town to support its staff on the eastern tip of the island, and Gael-amad, a …

  • Parn-tora

    The seat of [[:parn-injau | Parn-injau]] is the largest city in southern [[Kesh]].

  • Tak

    A medium-sized, mountainous island in southern [[Kesh]].

  • Karad

    A large, mountainous island in central [[Kesh]]. Karad's interior is populated by giants, ogres and ogre-kin. Various species of dragon and hydra, the sigil of [[:karad-injau | Karad-injau]], have also been sighted in remote regions.

  • Karad-tora

    The mountain citadel of [[:karad-injau | Karad-injau]] was built by giants in antiquity. It sits atop one of the tallest peaks in the central interior, swathed in clouds. The city is difficult to reach, only those with official business risk the journey.

  • Enak

    Enak is a large island in central [[Kesh]]. The interior is verdant and thickly jungled, the coast is populous.

  • Yong

    The island of Yong, a sinuous strip of land that contours the mainland coast, is often referred to by sailors as "the naga" or "the snake". The central and northern regions of Yong are dangerous and heavily jungled; indigenous serpentfolk pay homage to …

  • Caru

    Caru is a small, sparsely-populated island in southern [[Kesh | Kesh]]. It is under the dominion of [[:tak-injau | Tak-injau]]. Caru-injau was destroyed ten years ago after a bloody, protracted war waged by the other [[Injau | Injau]]. The war ravaged …

  • Seref

    [[File:347213 | class=media-item-align-right | 245x200px | 1614148_orig.jpg]] Seref is the [[Kesh | Keshian]] deity of honor, nobility, glory and pride. He is most often depicted as an armored warrior bearing a warhammer and tower shield. His sigil is a …

  • Yangin

    [[File:347283 | class=media-item-align-right | 200x202px | sun.jpg]]Yangin is the [[Kesh | Keshian]] god of fire, the sun, and vitality.

  • Lun

    Lun is the [[Kesh | Keshian]] two-faced [[Gods and Pantheons | goddess]] of life, death, rebirth and the moon. She is often depicted as having one light face and one dark face on different sides of the same head. Lun's symbol is a circle bisected by a …

  • Seekers

    [[File:415228 | class=media-item-align-right | 116x189px | Khakkhara_of_the_mime..jpg]]_Seekers_ possess the ability to sense the presence of a [[Reborn | Cursed]] soul. They are employed by the [[Injau | Injau]] to identify and capture the Reborn. …

  • Keepers

    _Keepers_ are employed by the [[Injau | Injau]] to rear, instruct, train and care for the [[Reborn | Cursed]]. Traditional Keeper's raiment is a black robe, sandals, and a loose-fitting, pocketed sash. The sash is colored and patterned to represent his …

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