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  • Atavash

    A tribe of lizardfolk occupying the southwestern peninsula of [[Kal]]. The Atavash worship a harmony of the five elements, but particularly revere water. [[:fisk-2 | Fisk]] and other Atavash you have met claim that the tribe has been blessed with a 'Great …

  • Kodus

    _Kodus_ is a hidden lizardfolk village on the southern promontory of [[Kal | Kal]]. It is the primary settlement of the [[Atavash | Atavash]] tribe. h3. Government The Atavash are normally governed by a council of elders, but the tribe is currently …

  • Nissek

    Nissek is an aged lizardfolk shaman of the [[Atavash | Atavash]] tribe. You met Nissek at the Atavashi Outpost, where he delivered King Salmussata's ultimatum.

  • Salmussata

    King Salmussata is an extremely large, wise and powerful lizardfolk of the Atavash tribe, recently risen to power for some unknown purpose. Like all lizardfolk kings, Salmussata is favored by the spirits of his ancestors and can access the memories of the …

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