Session 3

Wota leads you blindfolded from the sheltered cove of A-ka early in the morning of your fourth day on Kal. Since your arrival, the days have been easy and the nights full of song and feast. Anxious to find Raifa, you decided to leave the idyllic village. You are left at a waterfall, the same whose roar you heard during your approach, and instructed to return at dusk if you wished passage to A-ka.

Even in the early morning, the hike up to the jungled ridge and the Kal-toka lifepool is brutal. You scour the ruins for signs of Raifa’s passage and discern she likely made her way towards the crescent bay visible on the southeastern shore of the island. Following a game trail down the eastern face of the ridge, you spy a footprint or two of her making; she does not leave many signs of passage.

About an hour along the trail you hear the unmistakable bark of kobolds laughing. A group of kobolds guards a mine entrance; likely the mines told of by Sim, Noji and the others from A-ka. The kobolds sling stones at a gourd in target practice as a companion compsognathus scampers nearby. Rushing them, you make quick and bloody work of the kobolds and their pet, but during cleanup a spider springs its trap! It must also be killed before it spins you into its web.

Torn between following Raifa, who continued on down the trail, and inspecting the mines to which many A-kans have been brought as slaves, you choose the latter. Cunning traps spring while sling bullets fly from the mine’s defenders; obsidian spears and axes, tripping ropes and trap doors. Bloodied, you fight the zombies of Talebus and the maggots that subsist on what was once his flesh. You are pushed to the limits of your abilities before returning to the first gallery of the mine, up through the garbage chute that nearly sent you to the lifepool.

Session 2

The steep, downhill journey through the jungle is treacherous and slow while blindfolded. The sounds of the ocean crashing against nearby cliffs and strange bird calls are eventually drowned out by the roar of a waterfall. A cool mist relieves the heat as you pass near or behind it. A few minutes after passing the waterfall, Sim halts you and removes your blindfold.

The cove is ringed by cliffs and filled with brilliant turquoise waters. A dock with three working villagers juts out from a small, crescent-shaped beach. The jungle, creeping down the cliffs at the back of the cove, starts less than a hundred feet from its white sands. Dark cave entrances can be seen in the cliffs and thatch huts among the trees. The only exit appears to be through a natural arch that lets the cove waters in from the ocean.

Sim leads you along a sandy path through the trees and up the cliffs at the back of the cove. You’re introduced to the village elders Mela and Noji, who welcome you to stay in A-ka. You learn of Talebus, a Reborn warrior from the Dream Kingdoms, who disappeared in the the nearby Kal-toka mines and of the dangers of the island.

You return to the beach to find Noji’s son, Wota, preparing to investigate the wreck of your ship; he agrees to take you out. As you approach the barrier island upon which the remainder of your bireme is now scattered, you spy your shambling corpses on the beach. After a bloody battle, your zombies are returned in pieces to the sea.

The damaged hull of the bireme rocks against the shore in the rising tide. Inside, a sahuagin feasts on the inanimate corpses of the unfortunate crew. You dispatch the creature and the shark it summoned, claim your belongings from the strongboxes you brought on board, and head back to A-ka with the spoils of the voyage; rope, canvas, wood, oars and oil.

Session 1

A violent storm destroys the Tak-toran bireme bound for Parn-tora, the crew drowned and you, its cargo, are reborn in the ruins of Kal-tora. The ruins sit atop a jungled island, abandoned by civilization twenty five years ago when a volcano in the center of the island, now called Dragonmaw, erupted. There is no sign of Raifa, a fellow Reborn also bound for Parn-tora despite her favored status with Tak-injau.

You explore the ruins of the compound surrounding the lifepool. A kobold that managed to escape the wrath of Raifa is captured and interrogated, revealing that other humans, Reborn and other beings live on the island: bronze-fleshed, fiery dwarves; kobolds; various tribes of lizardfolk; troglodytes.

Only spiders and rats are encountered during the search of the ruins. However, as you prepare to leave the compound, a human steps from his concealment in the jungle undergrowth.

Armored in leather and cloaked in green, the ranger Sim introduces himself and reveals the existence of a nearby settlement, A-ka. He seems wary, but assures you that his people have no hatred for the Reborn. After some discussion, he offers to lead you to his village provided you accept a blindfold.


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