Talebus Half-mad

A human barbarian imprisoned by Ikari.


Kingdoms barbarian, former resident of A-ka, and one of the Reborn. The warrior has been missing since launching an attack — one of many — against kobolds living in the mines of Kal-toka. During his time as a free man in A-ka, Talebus served as protector and avenger, but rarely left the solitude of a ramshackle hut on the edge of the village. The elders of A-ka worried that Talebus may have been going mad, consumed by vengeance, before his disappearance. You have been granted use of his former home; a cluttered mess of the barbarian’s scavenged goods.

Jurim reports that Talebus is the plaything of Dragonmaw’s master, Ikari, and that he is repeatedly tortured and “born again from the fire”. The azer merchant seems dubious that Ikari will part with the Reborn for any sum of gold you can muster.

Talebus Half-mad

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