A human ranger from A-ka.


Human Ranger 3


Sim is a middle-aged, human ranger and trapper. He is quiet and rarely speaks without carefully considering his words. He organizes A-ka’s defense and patrols. He is usually armored in leathers and armed with a hunting bow and a pair of long swords.

Sim is known to the Atavash as an honest trader and skilled hunter; respected among a community that appears to afford little tolerance to outsiders. The azer merchant Jurim has recounted transactions during which Sim purchased slaves from him, though the Atavash merchant Fisk later confirmed Sim did this only to provide the slaves with their freedom.

You first met Sim near the Kal-toka lifepool, mere hours after your rebirth on the island of Kal. He guided you to the hidden village of A-ka and was your sponsor for citizenship.


Reborn Eladris