A marid once imprisoned on Kal-mata.


A marid of great beauty, Sasha is trapped on the Material Plane after she bestowed her marriage knife to Kal-injau. She claims the daemon prince’s advisor, an efreet named Ikari, tricked her into the proposal.

You met Sasha on the isle of Kal-mata, northeast of mainland Kal, where she maintained the small village that once served as a home for the caretakers of its lighthouse. You first saw her marriage knife in the hands of Seravashi traders at the Waystone Market and endeavored at great length to reclaim it. Despite its obvious power, particularly when wielded against the minions of Ikari, you returned the blade.

Before returning to her home plane, Sasha granted you a magical wish. You wished for weapons to aid in your struggles on the island and it was granted with a pair of magical weapons. Sasha hoped that one day you would meet again in her home on the elemental plane of water, Vodamesta.


Reborn Eladris