A half-elf monk gladiator, formerly of Tak.


Half-elf Monk 8


Cold, calculating and merciless, Raifa is one of Tak-injau’s best gladiators. It is still unclear why, like you, she was to be traded to Parn-injau. Raifa was aboard your bireme when it wrecked, though she fled the Kal-toka lifepool before you were reborn.

Raifa appears uncharacteristically desperate to escape the island of Kal. You have not directly encountered her, but reports of her bullheaded pursuit of this goal have filtered back to you through the residents of A-ka and the Atavash. Her last known destination is Kal-yunka, despite the advice of Fisk and other Atavash, who warned Raifa against entering the lair of the serpentfolk.


Reborn Eladris