An azer merchant from Dragonmaw.


An azer merchant from Dragonmaw on Kal. Jurim claims to be immortal, a native of a fiery plane of existence other than this one. He speaks common with a heavy ignan accent. He is a loyal servant of the efreet Ikari.

Jurim’s wares are weapons and armor of extremely high quality. He can intermittently be found at the Waystone Market, where you first met him. You purchased The Heater, a magical shield crafted by the azer, from him.

Some of Jurim’s notable wares:

  • Forge Heart, magical full plate; 23,650gp.
  • Anvil Breaker, magical warhammer; 8,312gp.
  • Falling Star, magical heavy flail; 7,000gp.
  • Salamander’s Tongue, magical longspear; 2,805gp.
  • Full plate, masterwork; 1,650gp.
  • Half-plate, masterwork; 750gp.
  • Breastplate, masterwork (2); 350gp.
  • Chainmail, masterwork (3); 300gp.
  • Shield, masterwork heavy steel (2); 170gp.
  • Shield, masterwork light steel (3); 159gp.


Reborn Eladris