Daemon princess of Gael.


Gael-injau is in disfavor among the most powerful Injau, considered lax and hedonistic. The daemon princess is rumored to cavort with mortals and live among them in the port of Gael-amad, rather than at the seat of her power, Gael-tora.

Gael is a small island, but influential in the region’s trade. Gael-amad is the busiest and richest port in Kesh, and the only Keshian port at which Kingdoms ships will call.

Gael-injau’s sigil is the siren, ostensibly after the sirens that nest along Gael’s rocky, southern coast and tempt unwary sailors to their doom. She is most often described as a merfolk with ram’s horns, but like all Injau her true appearance is unknown.


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