Avir Pelthorn

An elderly human priest of Kelek.


Human Cleric 5 (Kelek)


Avir was a human priest dedicated to the worship of Kelek, god of lies and betrayal. He masqueraded for fifty years as a priest of Seyahet. A member of the Smuggler’s Temple, Avir wrested power from the previous high priest twenty years ago and has slowly converted various smugglers to the worship of his evil god.

Avir was slain by you in the inner sanctum of the Smuggler’s Temple. In the moments before his death, Avir desperately invoked Kelek’s name, summoning one of his handmaidens. For reasons unknown, the handmaiden, a four-armed, animated statue, merely watched the combat unfold and viciously beheaded the priest after he fell. The statue immediately became inert as the handmaiden fled its confines.

Among Avir’s possessions in the high priest’s chamber you found documents revealing his history and true purpose: to spread the worship of Kelek. His diary contains the names of dozens of ships and captains serving the evil god’s purpose.

Avir Pelthorn

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