Anidaine Blackfeather

A human sailor, former captain of Stormsign.


Anidaine Blackfeather was captain of the merchant vessel Stormsign, a Kingdoms-style clipper out of Gael-amad. Authorities in several principalities of Kesh suspect Blackfeather of smuggling poisons and other illicit goods for Parn-injau. He purportedly earned his surname after he turned into a crow to escape his previous ship, Dawn Racer, which was scuttled near the port of Enak-ra to avoid the seizure of its cargo.

It was revealed in Avir’s cache of documents that Blackfeather was converted to the worship of Kelek five years ago, shortly after he became captain of Stormsign.

A doppelganger of Anidaine Blackfeather was slain in battle outside of the Smuggler’s Temple. The creature possessed his cloak.

Anidaine Blackfeather

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