Session 25

You creep out of the hidden room into the dim storage cellar. The carnage of the battle — broken crates, the spilled contents of barrels, blood stains — was removed by the lizardfolk during your rest. Creaking leather and shifting chain betray a lone sentinel in the next room. You creep up behind him and make quick work of the Seravash guard before it can raise an alarm.

Sonorous chanting still echoes from the stairs leading deeper into the slums. You move down cautiously into a room cluttered with debris, the chanting grows louder. Two large, rusted cages fill the north wall and a narrow corridor leads west. You peer down the passage and can just make out a robed Seravashi shaman, arms raised in prayer. The hallway is about thirty feet long with a cell door in its south wall, it opens into the larger room with the chanting shaman. More lizardfolk can be heard moving in the far room.

You move into position and let loose with spell and spear! The shaman stumbles deeper into the room and his guards flood the corridor. You hold the entrance to the passage, but from deep within the next room the shaman summons shadows unhindered. First, a devastating bolt of crackling black energy strikes you, then several projectiles of clinging, burning shadow. Though they are illusions, the shadows still affect the material world.

You cut through several of the shaman’s defenders, but more rush in to plug the corridor. As its guards die, the shaman summons giant, demonic bats to replace them. You are superior warriors to the remaining Seravash and push them back into the open room. It has four more large cages and a sprawling nest, clay jars leak shadowy tendrils that embrace nearby lizardfolk eggs. Finally, you kill the shaman, who dies with a terrible screech and a burst of purple light, similar to the guard captain you previously encountered. A triangular pendant is also found on the corpse, as well as a magical rod.

One of you is possessed by dark energy from a clay jar! You race upstairs following the possessed party member as he attempts to raise an alarm. You encounter two more Seravash guards at the top of the stairs and fend them off while wreathing your friend in protective magic. He shakes off the enchantment after delivering a few painful strikes, but together you kill the lizardfolk. There is no sign that the clamour of battle is noticed by the rest of the tribe. You retreat back to Kal-injau’s secret study to recover your strength.



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