Session 23

You make camp in a small clearing. Despite being only thirty feet from the brick road, it is indiscernible through the jungle. The calls of unfamiliar creatures and thick roots make for a fitful rest. In the wan light of dawn you hear large creatures moving slowly through the underbrush to the northeast; it sounds as if the creatures are pulling at the upper branches of the trees near the road.

You creep up and see two grazing parasaurolophus. Undisturbed by your presence, the dinosaurs continue to eat as you skirt the road around them to the east. Just as you pass the pair, an allosaurus charges into view with a powerful roar! The beast knocks the furthest parasaurolophus off balance and bites it deeply near the shoulder, its jaws locking around the terrified creature’s spine.

You layer enchantments on the three dinosaurs in an attempt to quell the carnage and pass undisturbed, but the allosaurus resists and charges you in anger. The wounded parasaurolophus slumps and the second one bolts away. The allosaurus deadly bite misses you, but the claws find some purchase, nearly killing you outright. Rather than fight, you withdraw, hoping the allosaurus will close on the larger, wounded prey. It does. You beat a hasty retreat through the jungle and opt to avoid the road for a while.

The walls of Kal-ninka rise above the canopy and your path returns to the neglected mountain road. Among the ruins of a vista along the road you see a green, scaly creature hiding. You sneak up and spy two forest drakes leashed to the road, the carcass of a large deer rotting in a pile between them. They notice you and call out in the tongue of dragons, “What business do you have?” After a brief conversations you are convinced the drakes are evil and intend to eat you should you get too close. They agree to let you pass on the road if you bring an offering of food, but you are not so certain they would keep their end of the bargain.

You decide to find an alternate path into the city and head east towards the ruin’s other entrance. A small, cold stream leads you to a grate in the cliff below the walls of the city and you decide to enter here. The grate’s bars are obstinate, but using magic you are able to pry your way inside.



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