Session 21

Wielding Sasha’s Marriage Knife reminds you of the pact you swore with the marid. You return to A-ka, board your skiff and head north along the coast. As the sun sets in the west, you pull the skiff up onto the beach of Kal-lotho and make camp.

As with previous visits, the jungle echoes with the calls of girallon in the island’s interior. However, the girallon are aware of your presence this evening and test the boundaries of your watch. Rocks are thrown at you in an exploratory attack. Suddenly, a large four-armed beast charges into the center of camp. You join combat with half-donned armor and hastily drawn weapons.

Your attacks bite deep into the hide of the creature and it responds with bruising attacks that land on unprotected shoulders. The darkness obscures the movement of a second girallon as it assists the first. You press the pair back into the jungle. After numerous strikes, the first falls and the second one retreats.

You give chase and drop the second girallon with spells and sling bullets. In the dim light of false dawn, a circle of stone monoliths can be seen in the undergrowth. You creep up and investigate. The circle is only twenty feet across, but cast in deeper shadow by the tall stones that ring it. In its center is a rudely crafted wooden bowl filled with black liquid. Urged forward by curiosity, you pick up the small wooden bowl and a strange voice enters your mind, “Aid me. Submit to my will.”

You resist the powerful compulsion and recognize your attacker: Shurensha, a being of shadows. You start to walk back to the camp and the demon discerns your intent, “Leave me here, mortal. You only strengthen me by destroying this vessel.” Despite its claims you proceed with your plan and return to your tents as the first rays of the morning sun hit the sand. As you hold the bowl up to the sky its contents smoke, there is an audible hiss from the demon, and the liquid disappears.

Finished with Kal-lotho, you climb aboard your skiff and make your way across the choppy, windblown sea to Kal-mata. Sasha greets you as you dock, her excitement palpable. When you produce the dagger she squeals with delight and accepts it with glee. Surprisingly, her human form shifts and grows until before you stands a sixteen-foot tall beauty wreathed in an aura of power. She explains that her power is returned and that she can grant a single wish to the group as a reward.

After some deliberation, you settle on a pair of weapons to help fight Ikari and Shurensha. Sasha thanks you and hopes that you one day visit her on the elemental plane of water.



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