Session 19

The jungle quiets as the magical storm disperses. You search the bodies of the Seravash and the bounty hunters, and firmly secure your prisoner. The silence is interrupted by a violent trembling of the earth! To the northeast clouds billow from Dragonmaw and rivulets of orange and red run down its south face. Within the hour a dusting of ash blankets the jungle. The sounds of wildlife remain stifled through an uneasy night.

In the morning, you march your dazed prisoner to the Atavash encampment and turn him over without ceremony. Mild aftershocks occasionally halt your journey; Dragonmaw still smokes, though lava no longer issues from its summit. It is evident on the return voyage that the ranger shadows you, though she takes great care to remain hidden and stays at a safe distance. Attempts to catch her are met with frustration and you arrive back at the Waystone without incident. The ash is deeper now
You search the surrounding area for signs of the ranger. You find three freshly prepared graves for her mercenary companions and a small camp to the northwest of the clearing. As you inspect the abandoned camp, an arrow hits the dirt. A message is attached to the shaft, it invites you to meet — peacefully — at the Waystone.

You agree. Wary, you and the elf approach the Waystone and exchange names. Ona explains that she is a bounty hunter from Parn, interested in the money only to help her village, in particular the temple of Seref. She offers to trade her silence for one thousand gold pieces; she will return to Parn and never mention you again if you pay this sum. With some reservations, you agree, and Ona retreats along the jungle path headed south. You tiredly head back towards A-ka.

Once back in the village you learn that Dragonmaw’s eruption caused a rockslide that exposed a small cave. Sim reports that some worked stone can be seen from the entrance, but he has not yet investigated; you offer to in his stead.

After a night’s rest, you squeeze into the narrow confines of an unnatural cave. Torchlight reveals expertly worked stone and a brazier on the ground. Dust fills the air as you move deeper into the tunnels. You find a shaft leading deeper into the complex and another brazier in a nearby room, this one has the words, “THE LEFT EYE OF KAA WATCHES THE PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE” etched into its rim. You double back and find similar text on the first brazier, “THE RIGHT EYE OF KAA DISCERNS ALL TRUTHS”. Curious, you light the braziers.

You are suddenly knocked off of your feet! Your stomach lurches as the ground begins to shake violently. For nearly a full minute the ground quakes. Daylight streams into the brazier rooms as rock and earth falls away. You recover your feet and look out of the new openings to see that you are several hundred feet above A-ka!

Stuck high above the ground, you climb down the shaft. About thirty feet down you find an entrance to a small room, though the shaft continues downward. Another, larger brazier can be found here with the etching, “THE BREATH OF KAA FORGIVES ALL SINNERS.” You do not attempt to light it, assuming it will trigger some weapon that is currently pointed at A-ka. The shaft ends three hundred foot below the Eyes of Kaa.

Light streams in through an open door. You exit and find yourself adjacent to the compound surrounding the Kal-toka lifepool, on the cliffs above A-ka.



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